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bedroom desserts for couples


          Made with love from my kitchen to your bedroom.

                       Love Adrienne



As a little girl, I would spend hours in my backyard baking cakes and other sweets in my Easy-Bake oven.  My mom was always a neat freak and would not allow me to dirty up her kitchen, so my backyard and an extension cord become my kitchen.


My bestfriend Charlene, my two little brothers and my dog, Tippy would be my testers and always would eat any creation I would come up with. 


As I grew to a teenager, my mom was known in the neighborhood for making some of the best desserts.  Our house was very popular  because everyone knew we always had something homemade and sweet.   My Grandma White would come often to visit, and we would spend many hours in the kitchen.  My Grandma would sing Italian love songs as she cooked and she would always say that " A good recipe can be a great recipe if you put alot of love into it. Always cook with your heart and others will taste the passion you put into each dish. " Grandma White was very smart and my mentor.


Using only the finest ingredients, and a lot of love and care,  I  have developed our delicious  Bedroom Desserts .  I make every batch with passion and love and all of our bedroom desserts are made in the USA. To keep our products fresh and so yummy, we run small batches andwe do sell out quickly.


Order yours today and experience, my made with love bedroom desserts. 










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